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Welcome to Doggypaddle

Animal Hydrotherapy Centre

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Cell: 082 787 2680 (Calls and Whatsapp)
EMAIL: alison@doggypaddle.co.za

207 2nd Road • Chartwell
P.O. Box 806 • Witkoppen • 2068

Our Hours

    • Monday                               8am – 2pm
    • Tuesdays – Fridays           8am – 4pm
    • Sat                                         8am – 12pm


What is Animal Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy means the use of water to heal. Animal hydrotherapy involves massage treatment in a special spa bath and exercise in a pool in which the animal swims against a current. Water provides warmth, pressure, buoyancy and resistance during treatment.

Why Doggypaddle?

Doggypaddle is owned and run by Alison Fantin (Dip Vet Nurse; Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner). The centre has a spa bath and hydrotherapy pool and is situated in tranquil country surroundings. Each animal is individually evaluated in order to develop a therapy programme uniquely suited to its needs.

Where would Doggypaddle be beneficial? 

Is your pet overweight or unfit?
Has your pet had an operation?
Has your pet had an injury?
Does your pet suffer from joint problems or arthritis?
Does your pet require nursing care / special care during the day while you are away?
Has your vet suggested care rest in order for your pet to recover from an operation / injury?

Does your pet need Doggypaddle’s help?

Just click the button below and we will help your pet recover and enjoy special care.

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